Same Deutz-Fahr Italia S.p.A (“SDF”) is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and visitors to this website. Personal information about customers that make purchases via this web-site is held securely and is treated with the utmost care. SDF complies with the applicable laws in respect to collecting, processing and keeping this information.

The information captured in the operation of this website shall be shared by SDF with the business partner of SDF that performs supporting services for SDF in the operation of this web-site and the sale and delivery of products being:

address: Via Callegari 10, 25121 - Brescia
Tel: (+39) 030/8336089
Fax: (+39) 030/6593881

STUDIO SYNTHESIS S.R.L shall handle the information complying with the same laws and level of care as SDF does.

Personal data

Data are captured in the course of operating this web-site in the scope of: name and surname/initials, address, phone and e-mail contact data, other details necessary for the fulfilment of sale and purchase contracts.
The information is used to process and perform agreements with you and to provide other services in relation thereto.

Your data shall not be used for any other purposes than mentioned above. They shall not be kept any longer than necessary to use it for these purposes.

Request for viewing and correcting personal information

You may request to view the personal information held by us at any time. If any information is incorrect, you can request it to be changed. We shall deal with such request in accordance with the applicable laws. Such request can be made by sending an e mail to, or in writing to STUDIO SYNTHESIS S.R.L

Use of cookies

This website makes use of “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are sent to you and are temporarily stored by your browser on your computer. There are two types of cookies used on this website:

1. cookies to make it possible to operate this website and allow you to order products via the website; and
2. cookies that make it possible for us to collect and analyse anonymous information about visitor’s behaviour on the website and to improve our service for our customers.

The types of cookies mentioned under 2. are used for the following purposes:

• to analyse visitor's behaviour to be able to improve the contents and functionality of the website;
• to make special offers to visitors, or bring such offers to their attention; and
• to make it possible to offer visitors access to and use of social networks

The data collected via these cookies shall not be used to identify individual persons or profiles of the visitors to our site and shall not be used for any other purposes than mentioned above, not being transferred or made available to other parties, or processed outside of the European Economic Area. They shall not be kept by us any longer than necessary to use it for these purposes. You are free to contact us at any time if you wish to review and/or amend any personal data that we hold about you or, if you wish to withdraw your agreement to the use of your information as described above.


We reserve the right to make amendments to this privacy statement. Please check this privacy statement regularly for the latest version of this privacy policy.